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Asakusa Zenzai - Koga, Eriko

  • Asakusa Zenzai

  • by Koga, Eriko

  • In 2003, Kyoto-based photographer Eriko Koga met an elderly couple at the Sanjya Festival in Asakusa. For six years thereafter, she visited their house and took photos of their ordinary life, a place where it seemed time had become disconnected from the present. According to Koga, “Every time I faced the space, I felt the existence of something important which I couldn’t explain in words.” Bathed in delicate interior light, the old couple are transformed into a heart-warming epitome of grace and wisdom, their simple life together inherent with a timelessness that moves beyond the image. Beautifully captured by Koga’s discerning eye, the two will not be forgotten.

  • Portraits , Intimité , Histoire - reportage - Seigensha (2013) - 20 x 19 cm

  • € 24

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